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Séminaire Approches critiques de la race / Critical Approaches to Race Seminar: Reclaim the field: race, colonisation et empire dans les programmes de relations internationales à l'université

Publié le 30 octobre 2023 Mis à jour le 30 octobre 2023

Séminaire Approches critiques de la race / Critical Approaches to Race Seminar

Expert re-fusals: affect, testimony and the Belgian Parliamentary Commission on the Colonial Past par Alana Osbourne (Radboud University / ULB)

Abstract :

Drawing on the Belgian Parliamentary Commission on the Colonial Past, instigated in July 2020 and concluded in December 2022, this presentation questions the act of refusing. Grounded in black studies, I approach refusal as a generative practice and, through ethnographic data collected during and around commission hearings, I unpack how it shaped the Commission. Connecting refusals – to testify, to listen, to participate - with previous work on decolonial
tours, I point to other avenues through which enduring questions of coloniality are reworked in Belgium.


I am an Assistant Professor of Critical Theory at Radboud University. My work is located at the intersection of anthropology, critical geographies, post-colonial and black studies. I am concerned with the material and affective manifestations of coloniality and with the everyday strategies that urbanites deploy to work through them.

Responsables scientifiques : Leila Mouhib – Alana Osbourne – Lena Terrando Kenza Talmat – Jean Illi – Marti Luntumbue

Infos et Inscriptions : jean.illi@ulb.be / marti.luntumbue@ulb.be

Le 23 novembre 2023

de 10h à 12h


ULB - Campus Solbosch

Salle Janne

Bâtiment S, 15e étage

Rue Jeanne, 44

1050 - Bruxelles